How to choose an electric crepe maker in 2018

When it comes to making crepes, I have always failed miserably. I have never been able to make crepe that aren’t either totally flat or burnt on the outside and doughy on the inside. I’m not sure if I’m the only one out there that is a crepe making dummie or not but I’ve found an easy pancake and crepe recipe that actually turns out perfect every time. I have also figured it out that to make a good french crepe you will need an electric crepe maker. This appliance helped me tremendously in making both pancakes and crepes easily.

Choosing the best electric crepe makers in 2018

You can find lots of electric crepe makers out in the market and each model has features for a specific function. Electric crepe-makers range from 500 to 1500 watts. These machines have a non-stick plate that allows easier cooking. They also have automatic thermostats to regulate the heat so that the crepe is cooked just right to your desire. If you are looking for the best electric crepe makers in UK, then Breville VTP130 Traditional Crepe Maker will be you best option. It has non stick coated aluminum plate of diameter 12 inches and has five different temperature settings.

Electric crepe maker 2018

You need to ask yourself what features would you like in your electric crepe maker. Of course, budget is always an issue but there are many inexpensive electric crepe makers out in the market. Do your research. What were the things you needed to improve on in your last crepe maker? Check out your local appliance stores but don’t forget to search over the internet as well. Some online shops sell packages that already include recipe books and other freebies.

Electric crepe makers are very user-friendly. You’ll find that you’ll be making crepes you see only in cafes in no time. These are very simple devices that any novice can operate. On top of that, they have non-stick surfaces and automatic thermostats. This makes your crepes easier to cook as the electric crepe maker regulates the heat and temperature of the surface to your liking. It will also evenly spread the heat over the plate. You may remove the crepe easily once it’s done. After all, it has a non-stick surface. This way, your breakfast will be ready in no time. Here are top electric crepe makers of 2018:

Tibos Cromed Electric Crepe Maker

The Tibos Cromed Electric Crepe Maker has great advantages to it. The plate heats up quickly so it’s a time-saver. Aside from that, the plate has a smooth and non-sticky surface that can spread the batter evenly across the surface. Furthermore, this crepe maker consumes less power compared to other models while still performing at an excellent level. It’s very simple and easy-to-use and it comes with an instruction manual and a recipe book. Since it’s not a low-end crepe maker, its price may be higher than other models you’ve looked at, but you’re also getting a top quality product that suits your every need.

The Tibos Cromed Electric Crepe Maker can easily make crepes. With it non-stick, quick-heat surface, the batter can be spread in a mere 4 seconds while your crepes will be ready in just 30 seconds. You can explore your favorite recipes such as French buckwheat galettes and sweet crepes, Russian pancakes, Mexican tortillas, American pancakes, Italian crespelles, Hungarian and Austrian palatschinken, Tunisian bricks, Indian chapatis, Moroccan beghrirs, Asian spring rolls, Vietnamese banh xeo, Japanese okonomiyaki, and English pikelets.. You can make crepes quickly with less power consumed. It’s that easy. Aside from crepes, this machine also allows you to make your favorite pancakes, gas house eggs, and French toast.

This electric crepe maker comes in at 15.375″ diameter x 5″H and weighs 10 pounds. It has a UL approved, 110 volts, 1300 watts, 12 amps, 5′ power cord, and has a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Check it out in your local retail shops or buy it online and get additional freebies with each purchase.

Villaware V5 Electric Crepe Maker

Crepes are thin pancakes used for numerous dishes. Almost every country in the world has at least one native dish that utilizes crepes as base ingredients. Villaware has produced a product that can absolutely help kitchen buddies make these versatile crepes with such finesse. The Villaware V5225 Crepe Maker is an excellent example of an electric crepe maker. This crepe maker consumes very less power and gives more performance making it economical and efficient at the same time. The design is beautifully crafted no other brands have matched it.

This crepe maker uses a very small amount of energy. It only consumes 900 watts per hour. Its convex Xylan non-stick surface helps cook your crepes faster and easier. It even cooks faster than a skillet. The automatic thermostat helps in maintaining healthy temperatures with ready-light control. The plastic handles remain cool all throughout the process with the stay-cool technology. The cooking surface has a diameter of 7 ½ inches. All needed parts are included in the package.

Villaware V5225 bakes versatile, paper thin, 7-inch crepes. Its die case aluminum hot plate helps in heating the crepes evenly. Not only can you make crepes using this amazing product, but you can also make a variety of dishes.

The package has a list of recipes and instructions. You will discover in this manual the ease in using this brand of crepe makers and the number of dishes it can create. The whole machine is built in simple mechanism so using it is a no-brainer. To create great crepes, you just need to mix basic batter. Before turning on the crepe maker, make sure all the power cords are properly connected. Switch the power on and spray some oil onto the cooking surface. After that, you can just pour the mixed batter onto the surface. Cooking starts right away and the crepe is ready to serve after a few seconds.

The Villaware V5225 Crepe Maker is available in your leading local electronic stores and online stores like and which can give you great offers and discounts. A full one-year warranty is guaranteed for each item.

So friends, you will be having many advantage of having a electric crepe maker like villaware V5225. The cooking process is so simple and it’s really economical. Even the power consumption is very less. You can also try other Electric crepe makers like cucinaPro 1448 and tibos chromed. But I suggest you villaware v5225 is the best in the present market trends.

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