Can Pulse Oximeter be a Solution to Snoring

A pulse oximeter measures oxygen saturation and pulse rate. Pulse oximeters can be used for monitoring medical conditions such as COPD and asthma, or by certain sports participants who are interested in measuring oxygen saturation or pulse rate after running or other activities. Pulses oximeters are widely available and inexpensive. You can find lots of great pulse oximeters in UK at very reasonable price. There are a great variety of brands to choose from, so go ahead and read this guide, and find one that will work best for you or your loved one!

A long term problem with snoring

I had been vaguely aware that I did snore. I thought it was occasional and intermittent, but on holiday I discovered the problem was much bigger than this. So what was happening? As we get older and more likely if we get fatter, the muscles of the throat relax and sag in sleep and in fact, for a while completely obstruct the airway for as much as ten seconds. The brain then sends signals to open the airway and the tissues vibrate producing what we know as a snore.

This snore causes one to wake up a certain amount but one is not aware of this. With this happening throughout the night the subject is deprived of sleep at the right levels and often feels tired on waking in the morning. Drowsiness is a problem throughout the day and makes using machinery or driving a car dangerous because one is quite likely to be overcome by drowsiness to the point of sleeping. The first problem is that the subject is not aware that there is a problem. They may be aware of the drowsiness but not realise how dangerous it is for them and others. If you have drowsiness in the day it is best to consult your doctor.

Pulse oximeter and my snoring solution

The next step should have been to find out how to use an oximeter overnight. However the weather intervened with quite a big snowfall preventing me from going to the hospital the day of my appointment. That meant that the consultant did not have details of the oxygen in my blood over night. The oximeter fits on a finger with another part strapped to your wrist. It shows your pulse rate and the level of oxygen in the blood. The consultant went through the Epworth test again and I had a score of 13. He confidently stated that I had almost certainly got sleep Apnoea. Having said that he said I could not drive my car until I was receiving treatment and must inform DVLA and my insurer. DVLA is the authority that controls car lecences in th U.K.. It is rather alarming to be unable to drive, especially as I live in a rural area.

Benefits of pulse oximeter

Pulse oximeters are useful for people who have conditions that affect oxygen saturation. The real advantage to pulse oximetry however is that it is completely non-invasive. The use of this device during the giving of oxygen therapy, especially to homebound patients is invaluable. Pulse Oximeter is a very advantageous device for each person as by using this device you can keep monitor oxygen saturation level in your blood. For example, a sleep specialist might recommend a pulse oximeter to monitor the nighttime oxygen saturation level of someone with suspected sleep apnea or severe snoring.

  • It can be measured with a simple clip that attaches to an appendage on the animal’s body.
  • If the amount of oxygen an individual is receiving daily is not sufficient to promote healing, then the therapy is useless.
  • In addition, the device will also prove to be best gadget at your home in cases of emergency.
  • Another reason to use the pulse oximeter is if you suspect that you have sleep apnea.
  • When hemoglobin levels in the blood are low due to anemia, or loss of red blood cells, the pulse oximeter is not an accurate measurement of blood oxygen levels.

By using a pulse oximeter, the home health caregiver can accurately report the readings on a daily basis, alerting the doctor to any adverse readings immediately. Let us see the best features of this device that you must look before purchasing the pulse oximeter. People with diabetes are at increased risk for sleep apnea and treating this will help control your diabetes. The existing hemoglobin molecules may all be filled with oxygen, giving a high oximeter reading, but there are not enough hemoglobin molecules to carry the needed oxygen to the tissues. Pulse oximeters are small electronic devices.

Continuous pulse oximetric monitoring of arterial oxygenation can detect intermittent or chronic disruptions in gas exchange that may not be detected by random arterial blood sampling and analysis. Sleep apnea causes you to stop breathing while you are sleeping, which causes oxygen deprivation. Most units simply clip on the tip of your index finger. This oxygen deprivation can lead to stroke, uncontrolled diabetes, heart disease, weight gain, or even depression. The device calculates the difference between the wavelengths of an invisible infrared light and a visible red light to determine the oxygen content in your blood.

Healthdyne Finger Pulse Oximeters

The durable, self-contained Finger Oximeter delivers effective on-the-spot checks, and can be worn around the neck. The unit requires only two AAA batteries. Weighs only 2 ounces Smallest and lightest oximeter available Over 12 hours of battery life more than 1000 spot checks Convenient lanyard to wear around neck.

Features include: Oxygen Saturation: 0 to 100% Pulse Rate Range: 18 to 300 Pulses Per Minute Displays: 3-color Perfusion LED 2-digit LED. Displays for SpO2 and Pulse Rate Oximetry Accuracy: SpO2 Accuracy 70-100%, 2% ( 1 S.D.) Hear Rate Accuracy: 3% 1 digit. Power Supply: 2 AAA Batteries (Alkaline, NiCad or NiMH) Dimensions: 1.3 W” x 1.3″ H x 2.25″ L (3.3 cm W x 3.3 cm H x 5.7 cm L) Weight: 2 ounces (60 g) with batteries.

Invacare Pulse Oximeter

The Invacare Pulse Oximeter provides fast, reliable SpO and pulse-rate measurements on any patient from infant to adult. It’s designed for simple, accurate spot-checking.

Features include: Bright, easy-to-read L.E.D numerals Storage of up to 99 patient SpO and pulse readings Variety of reusable and disposable sensors available Three C-cell batteries provide power for 1500 spot-checks Quantitative pulse-strength bar depicts actual signal strength for a true indication of pulse strength and perfusion status. Printer interface for documentation of live or stored patient data.

Invacare Printing Oximeters

Ergonomically designed, the Invacare Printing Pulse Oximeter is a low cost, easy-to-use, hand-held pulse oximeter with an integrated printer. It provides fast, reliable spot-check information and documentation of Sp02 and pulse rate. Best of all the Invacare oximetry probes, making it appropriate in the widest possible array of clinical situations.

Contents include: Printing Pulse Oximeter Durable finger probe Protective rubber boot with carrying strap One roll of paper 4 AA batteries Operator’s Manual and Service Manual

Features include: Real-time or trend data for up to 99 patients Low cost Integrated printer for convenient documentation Memory for up to 99 patients Audible pulse tone Auto-shut off feature for extended battery life Easy-to-use 3 key operation Works with all Invacare oximeter probes Two-year limited warranty on oximeter; one-year limited warranty on durable finger probe Prints real-time or trend data Fast, convenient documentation of spot-check data.

Invacare Oximeter System

The Invacare Pulse Oximetry System is designed for spot-check or continuous SpO and pulse rate measurements on any patient from infant to adult. It can store up to 99 spot-checks or 24 hours of continuous data. This data can then be output to a personal computer, stored, and analyzed.

Contents include: – Carrying case w/belt clip and shoulder strap – Protective rubber boot w/carrying strap and tilt stand – Pole-mount bracket – PC adapter cable – Printer interface cable – 12 volt AC-DC converter – Oximetry cable, 5 ft.

Features include: Three (3) clinical modes: spot-check, continuous, and sleep User-selectable hi/low alarm limits for SpO and pulse rate. Scroll-through function of patient data. Printing capability via thermal printer or personal computer Rechargeable NiMH battery for 24 hours of use. One-touch direct-function keys for easy, no-menu operation.

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